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Blond Lebanese Hash at Cheebas


Blonde Leb that is actually a darker colour than I remember from back in the day (see photos) Typically the colour comes from the stage the plants are taken down to dry and the silk screen or mesh used to make the hash along with the amount of oxidization. The product is soft an easy to work with. It also has a great indica like buzz.



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Buy Blonde Lebanese Bud has an earthy taste due to it’s Hash Plant type Indica genes, Blond Lebanese also has a moderate cerebral effect from it’s Sativa phenotypes. This plant is world renowned. It was very popular in the 1970’s when it was used to create and export boat loads, literally boat loads of Blonde Lebanese Hash.

The Pakistan/Afghan area is famous for Hash Plant, but the Blonde Lebanese production is especially known for its fresh relaxing feeling. Very rare to find, but we have resurected a classic. We are so grateful we kept the original Lebanese landrace since 1971 in our Dutch seeds vault all this time. Now all the cannabis grown in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon is now hybrids crossed with strains that remove everything that was great about the high from the original Lebanese Hash and traded it off for higher yielding plants that lack that fresh relaxed feeling.

Blonde Lebanese doesn’t produce the same hash like Morocco’s strain or the Afghanistan/Pakistan region where resin is placed on a large heated mortar, then the resin is pressed with a heavy object. The result is a very gooey, sticky black hash. Blonde Lebanese hashish is lightly pressed and whitish in color.

Buy Blonde Lebanese is not grown in the mountains at high altitudes, and the desert has a higher Alkaline PH in it’s soil which allows a higher sativa ratio, and also a lighter color when the resin is produced. When collecting the resin and pressing it, the color is more blonde than dark brown, and the smokers experience is more uplifting and racey than the Afghan marijuana and Afghani Hashish. This is a must have genetic for the true cannabis connoisseur.

She has floral flavors mixed with cedar undertones. Once smoked, it’s up, up and away to a mega eurphoria magical trip.

These real landrace seeds are next to impossible to obtain, we hope you’ll take good care preserving our precious and almost extinct strain.

THC 31.25%

70% Indica

30% Sativa

Flowers in 45 Days


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