Chocolate Hashberry


Chocolate Hashberry buds are strikingly multicolored, with hues of red and purple in some phenotypes. Pistils are more pale yellow than orange and buds have a loose, leafy sativa look. The cured flowers are caked in resin and give off a sharp hash scent. When ground, buds have a rich, earthy aroma with notes of chocolate and fruit – the overall effect is not dissimilar from a full-bodied red wine. Smoke is harsh and can be cough-inducing. A vaguely nutty taste is present on exhale

Relaxed 66%
Happy 53%
Euphoric 43%
Uplifted 40%
Creative 25%
Stress 33%
Pain 32%
Anxiety 23%
Depression 18%
Lack of appetite 18%


Chocolate Hashberry

Buy Chocolate Hashberry is a hybrid with varying claims to its lineage. Alternately said to be a cross between Hashberry and Chocolate Thai or between blackberry and Chocolate hashberry, this strain has a balanced high and a powerful flavor profile. Although breeders and growers provide different stories about this strain’s genetics, its chemical composition does appear to be consistent – cannabis testing laboratory Analytical 360 has shown that multiple samples bearing the Chocolate Hashberry name have been high in the terpene humelene. The THC content of Buy Chocolate Hashberry averages between 20 and 25%.

Chocolate Hashberry is an aromatic strain with quality effects and beautiful foliage. With a smell indicative of its name, Buy Chocolate Hashberry reeks of chocolate, hashy spice, and sweet berries. This delicious scent comes from combining two fantastic Kush cuts, Chocolate Kush and Blackberry Kush

The high from Chocolate Hashberry comes on quickly, with a marked increase in focus and alertness. This strain’s versatility can translate into simultaneous physical relaxation and relief from mental stress. As such, it’s great for both day and night.

A resilient grow, Chocolate Hashberry is resistant to different conditions. The short, bushy plants take on a Christmas tree shape and are easily grown indoors. Indoor flowering happens within 7-8 weeks and typically results in a high yield. It is recommended that growers prune any low-growing fan leaves to encourage development of calyxes that form at the base of the plant.

With equal parts bag appeal and psychoactive potency, Buy Chocolate Hashberry is a good strain for social use. Its adaptability also makes it attractive to novice growers.

On top of its excellent flavor and aroma, Buy Chocolate Hashberry’s Kush lineage offers a delightful mid-level sedation and a relaxed mental state that helps curb anxiety and minor pain while enhancing mood and focus.


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