Violet Delight


A resilient grow, Chocolate Hashberry is resistant to different conditions. The short, bushy plants take on a Christmas tree shape and are easily grown indoors. Indoor flowering happens within 7-8 weeks and typically results in a high yield. It is recommended that growers prune any low-growing fan leaves to encourage development of calyxes that form at the base of the plant.

Relaxed 62%
Happy 58%
Uplifted 46%
Euphoric 44%
Talkative 20%
Stress 32%
Depression 31%
Pain 20%
Insomnia 15%
Lack of appetite 15%


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Buy Violet Delight is known for its exceptionally sweet aroma, which has some distinct notes of violets. Hanging underneath is a sugar-sweet, cotton candy-like smell. Grinding up these buds, meanwhile, reveals some slight undertones of earthy musk, but not nearly enough to overpower the strain’s more floral scents. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Violet Delight gives off a very smooth and easily ingested smoke. This smoke tastes fruity and slightly floral on the exhale. Buy cannabis online at buy medical marijuana

Like many predominantly indica strains, Buy Violet Delight takes some time before its high hits. Within 10 to 15 minutes, effects arrive as a concentrated pressure around the lower forehead and temples, with a possible tingling feeling or a flushing in the cheeks. Once these odd sensations become more familiar, users can participate in the strain’s mental stimulation, which can seem to bring their surroundings into a new focus. Certain thoughts may begin to occupy more attention than they ordinarily might and may jump in free association from one to the next. This mindset can allow for productivity when it comes to complicated, analytical tasks. Buy weed online

It may also make some users chatty, inspiring free-flowing conversations in social settings. Violet Delight can also have the effect of inducing some psychedelic changes in perception. Some consumers also report a strange feeling of time dilation. Those looking to push these trippy properties to their full potential should pair Violet Delight with a spacey movie. Indeed, kicking back with ambient entertainment may be all you want to do while under this strain’s influence.

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Violet Delight is an indica-dominant strain that delivers exactly what its name promises: a loud burst of floral flavor that can only be compared to the aroma of a violet. This strain isn’t overwhelmingly sedating for most consumers. Instead, you’ll likely find yourself in a clear, headspace conducive for meditation or introverted activities. For the extroverts, this hybrid offers a giggly, lighthearted mood that keeps you active and engaged in social settings.


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